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What We Do

An instant garden of rainforest plants shipped straight to your door. Convenience-Variety-Sun Hardened Ready to plant rainforest plant seedlings direct from our own rainforest nursery farm on Australia's Sunshine Coast. Superior sun hardened native Australian plants, trees, grasses and shrubs .  We stand behind our  sun-hardened products with consulting advice, planting & maintenance services, and a money-back guarantee.

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Rainforest Plants Online

native plants

Specialists in supplying Australian rainforest plant seedling. Native plants are sourced from natural seed stocks, grown in climate-controlled greenhouses, hardened outside in native forests and shipped to your door ready to plant and enjoy.


Biodiversity Services

Australian plants planted properly

Not sure what native plants to plant for sustainable health?  Rainforest Plants offer the best chances of success through our biodiversity revegetation and reforestation services.  Specialists in mine sites, roads, farm forestry and Climate Change Corridors.


Organic Forest Foliage

Beautiful Native Plants to the world

Today, our foliage is found all around the world.  Bendy Grass, Steel Grass, Sedge and Umbrellas Ferns decorate many florists arrangements from Japan to the Netherlands.  We can deliver quantity orders of the most popular floral species to your door anywhere in the world,

Selected Work

Just some of the native species we have to offer you.

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sedge image


A native grass grown in flooded and wet areas around creeks, ponds and rivers.

greenhouse image

Umbrella Fern

Just like the name this fellow pops open to reveal a wonderful umbrellas shape.  As a fern he likes dappled light.

flower image

Bendy Grass

An amazing native Australian grass.  not only does it bend smoothly for decoration but lasts up to  times longer than species from other continents.

About Us

who are Rainforest Plants?

Rainforest Plants is a specialist plant and seedling supplier of native Australian plants.  Situated on Australia's sub-tropical Sunshine Coast our products are grown on a 10 hectare farm adjoining State Forests where our teams are licensed to harvest selected quantities of certain native seed and foliage species.  From this native seed larger quantities of seedlings are grown in climate controlled green houses before being returned to natural areas to become sun, wind and rain-hardened, thereby better suited to their ultimate planting location in your garden, factory, business, mine or road site.  Part of the MudMaps Group Rainforest Plants has offices and representatives in Europe, Africa, North America and Australia.

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What's new?
  • New Rainforest Plants Brand

    The new Rainforest Plants brand has been created! Combining the strengths of the MudMaps group with one of Australia's largest and most respected specialist plant nurseries Rainforest Plants is born..

    March 27, 2012
  • 'Eco Pack' Registration

    Registration starts for Opening Specials to our new 'Eco Pack'. A ready-to-plant pack of different Australian plants perfect to create an instant garden

    March 10, 2012

Services We Offer

Supply, plant, maintain, guarantee

Our specialist growing technology gives you a money-back guarantee of quality.

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